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Updating  Metronic

Like all HTML templates, you will need to manually handle all updates that we provide after purchase for free. The best practice is to always keep Metronic's source folder on an entire separate folder within your project and then use Metronic as a development companion or support.
Each update should be used independently without mixing it with the previous versions. This is because new updates may not have a 100% backward compatibility for elements within previous versions. Therefore, each update is considered as a new and better version of the theme.
Here's our recommended steps needed to update Metronic effectively:
  1. Backup all your files (your project folder and Metronic's's older version).
  2. Review Metronics changelog to have a quick preview on what has been updated.
  3. Unzip the latest version of Metronic and then browse through the elements (layout, widgets, plugins, etc) that you have used on your project.
  4. Get the latest version use it instead the previous version.
  5. Manually replace the srcfolder.
  6. Run yarn installtask to update 3rd party plugins with their latest versions.
  7. Compare your project's code vs the latest version of Metronics code.
  8. Manually update the HTML code where necessary by using code compare tools.
  9. Save and test your project files with Metronic's updated elements.
If something goes wrong, you can revert your updates by reusing your backup files.
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